CSCR2-58-6808 - SureShot One Time Mold

  • SureShot One Time Mold
    SureShot an extension of the Furseweld line of exothermic welding products.
    SureShot molds come completely packaged with everything necessary for a connection. They are fast and easy to use. The contractor simply positions the mold, adds the weld powder and starting powder, and ignites it with a flint gun.
    SureShot molds are disposable, so there's no maintenance involved. And, it's not necessary to remove the mold in underground installations because SureShot molds are made from an "earth friendly" ceramic.
    The hexagonal SureShot design is easy to grasp and hold without removing safety gloves, and it won't roll away if it's laid down while the installer prepares the connection.
    Ground Rod Size: 5/8"
    Conductor Size
    Solid: 6.8
    Stranded: 8