CBRSS100 - 100' Stainless Steel Barracuda Fishtape

  • 100' Stainless Steel Barracuda Fishtape
    Integrated Cam-LockTM handle grabs onto the tape and pulls. The harder you pull, the tighter the cams grip. Let go of the handle and the cams release, allowing you to wind up the slack as you go. Available in carbon steel. Winds and unwinds like a standard fishtape. Gaskets in handle squeegee the tape as it retracts, keeping it free from dirt.
    A revolution in fishtape design. The first fishtape with an integrated pulling system that works! No more pliers, no more tripping over the case while you pull, no more kinkds in your tape from pulling at awkward angles.
    Also available in Carbon Steel: 100' or 200'