About us

“Communications and Electrical Supplies, INC”

“Fiber Optic Tools and Supplies, INC”


CESI/FOTSI is recognized as a small business by the Small Business Association (SBA). Certified as a WOMAN’S BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (WBE) by the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council, and Women and Minority Business Enterprise Clearinghouse (WMBE) by the California Public Utilities Commission. Licensed and insured through the state of Missouri as being identified as an Incorporated Business.

Established in 1991 by Christine Dwyer and late husband David Wing, CESI opened their doors to local communities as a lead supplier in the fiber optic telecommunications industry. Expanding business throughout the United States over the past 25 years CESI continues to grow as a supplier; as well as, a custom manufacturing facility for tools, and equipment.  CESI holds two design patents for the “Jones Tool” and “Bare Fiber Adaptor” by the “Patents Experienced”. The backbone of our company is customizing products and supplies to fit the needs of our consumers preferences to make the job simple and time efficient. As a complete, one-stop source for the telecommunications industry CESI provides what you need to get the job done in a timely manner with labor cost reductions.


Christine K. Dwyer (Owner/CEO)

                Christine Killen Dwyer began her journey in the fiber optic industry in the early 1980’s as a technician and the first full time Female certified Fiber optic splicer in the country.  In 1986 Christine open the doors to her first company in the fiber optic industry as a contracted splicing operator and testing technician. For the next 5 years traveling the country Chris developed a knowledge of products that would innovate the supply market to make jobs easier and time efficient. So, in 1991 Christine Dwyer converted herself from a technician/splicer to a supplier and advisor in the tele-communication industry.  

Kevin Loveland- General Manager/Head of Sales.

Having almost a decade of experience in Fiber optic sells Kevin has rapidly advanced in the business and company making him the GM and leading sales rep for CESI. If you cannot find what you need, he will do so!

Heather Everett- Office manager/Safety Coordinator

                Maintains the office with great pride making sure all employees have what they need to get the job done and conduct it in a safe manner.